Amazon Brand Protection

Amazon Brand Protection

EliCommerce provides marketplace enforcement to remove counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers and partners with you to reclaim your brand’s presence and reputation on Amazon.

‘Fighting for the buy box’ is a common term among Amazon sellers today. At EliCommerce, we keep you as the only seller in the buy box and remove all other unauthorized and counterfeit sellers trying to capitalize on your brand’s presence on Amazon.

EliCommerce is the only Amazon consulting services agency that can guarantee removal of 3rd party unauthorized and counterfeit sellers on the world’s largest marketplace.

Amazon Brand Protection

Ensure MAP Compliance

Are 3rd party resellers selling your products under MAP? Not too worry. We use effective and proven strategies to ensure MAP Compliance across your brand’s products on Amazon.

Amazon Brand Protection

Removing Un-Authorized Sellers

EliCommerce is the only Amazon consulting services agency that has a guaranteed strategy to eliminate unauthorized and counterfeit sellers from your brand’s product listings on Amazon.

Amazon Brand Protection

24/7 Monitoring & Protection

Did a counterfeit seller hijack your listing? Did an unauthorized seller change up your images, title, bullet points or description without your permission? Well, those problems are now gone. We use proprietary tools to actively monitor your Amazon listings in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With real-time product listing updates, we can take action within seconds, not days.

Amazon Brand Protection

Real Attorneys, Not Software

We will actively monitor your brand on Amazon. We work directly with Amazon-experienced lawyers, keeping you free from hijackers, violators and price erosion.

Amazon Brand Protection

Your Brand Is At Risk

When you’re not in control of your brand’s presence on Amazon, you’re taking a huge risk.

Unauthorized sellers corrupt the Amazon marketplace by deploying heedless and reckless tactics for the sole purpose of winning the buy box which can result in significantly damaging your brand’s presence on Amazon.

Let’s put this into perspective.

Let’s say you are a large internationally recognized brand. You brand has mass distribution and a sales team set up in every single continent. In an unfortunate case, your product ends up in the hands of an unauthorized seller, only for them to go around your back and resell your product on Amazon, often resulting in them selling way above MAP to capitalize on a margin.

Let’s dive even deeper as there can be a few counterparts to this.

If you do not have an active approach to protecting your brand on Amazon, counterfeit sellers can source imitations of your product, hijack your listings without your consent and sell completely fake items to customers as they will be winning the buy box because they undercutting your prices.

This experience not only frustrates the consumer, but also negatively impacts your brand’s reputation on Amazon severely. Product reviews are essential to the lifeline and growth of a product on Amazon.

Here are some examples of brands
suffering from not being protected
on Amazon:

Amazon Brand Protection

Amazon Brand Protection

Amazon Brand Protection

How We Protect Your Brand
On Amazon

Amazon Brand Protection

Amazon Brand Protection

Your Brand Is Now Protected

By working with EliCommerce, you’re working alongside ex-Amazonians, eCommerce Investigation Specialists, eCommerce Veterans and Amazon-experienced Attorneys that will stop at nothing to protect your brand on Amazon.

Dedicated To Protecting Your
Brand On Amazon

The Growth & Dedication Speaks For Itself

We’ve tried many different avenues to protect our brand on Amazon, ranging from MAP Enforcement Agencies to tools that promise to identify Amazon seller information. We’ve spent months being locked into a contract only to receive zero results. EliCommerce was able to remove 284 unauthorized sellers from our brand’s product listings on Amazon within 2 weeks. Magic? I don’t know, maybe. But what they do works.

Amazon Brand Protection

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EliCommerce is the only all-in-one Amazon consulting services agency dedicated to growing your brand on the world’s largest marketplace. Driving over $260,000,000 in Amazon sales, EliCommerce has garnered the experience necessary to achieve explosive eCommerce growth.

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