Save On Inventory Placement Service Fees + How To Avoid Split FBA Shipments

Send all your inventory to 1 Amazon fulfillment center and avoid split shipments with EliCommerce.

By default, when you create a shipping plan, your shipment may be divided into multiple shipments, requiring you to ship to multiple Amazon fulfillment centers. It can become extremely expensive and daunting to send your inventory on multiple trucks, especially when Amazon requires some of your inventory to be sent to the West Coast, Midwest, South and East Coast.

With EliCommerce Logistics, you can now send all your inventory to 1 Amazon fulfillment center and avoid paying high Inventory Placement Service fees. Furthermore, EliCommerce can have all your inventory shipped to the Amazon fulfillment center that’s closest to your facility, resulting in saving you thousands of dollars per shipment.

Here’s how we drive results for our clients.

Send all your inventory to 1 Amazon fulfillment center that’s closest to your facility

Avoid paying high Inventory Placement Service fees

Gain access to EliCommerce’s extremely negotiated trucking discounts

Please find Amazon’s default Inventory Placement Service fees below:

Standard size (per item)
1 lb or less $0.30
1-2 lb $0.40
Over 2 lb $0.40 + $0.10/lb above the first 2 lb
Oversize (per item)
5 lb or less $1.30
Over 5 lb $1.30 + $0.20/lb above the first 5 lb

Please note that our discounted service is offered on a case by case basis.

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For years, Amazon was splitting our large shipments to 3 different fulfillment centers. Not only was this expensive, it was extremely exhausting as well. There was no way around this until we discovered Amazon’s Inventory Placement Service. After running the numbers, it was still too expensive for us. Thankfully, we found EliCommerce. They work magic and their rates make it a no brainer. If you are not using their service, chances are you’re burning money.


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